Deb Katz Professional Experience

As an academic coach and teacher in private practice for Chicago and then Twin Cities High School Students, I have taught Master's and Doctoral level courses to K-12 teachers and administrators for twenty years.
Educational Psychology at Augsburg, and High School Content Area Reading and Writing at Loyola University of Chicago were two of my favorite teaching experiences. I taught the very first doctoral level course in Education at Walden University. I've led discussions on the Philosophy and History of K-12 Education. I am most proud of my work in Teacher Research and Teacher Leadership.

I have participated in the following grant funded projects in K-12 Education.
Cargill Corporation Grant for the development of on-line course components for the Augsburg Teacher Education Program
University of Minnesota Literacy Grant for the St. Paul Public Schools
Loyola University, Federal Education Grant for Chicago Urban School Improvement
Caroline Grant for Educational Outreach Programs at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul

I have been trained for my work through these programs for scholar-practitioners.
Ed.D. Instructional Leadership: National Louis University, Evanston, IL 1997
Masters of Education: Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA 1985

  • Fun Facts About Me
  • ~ I am a lifelong lap swimmer: Without the recently built, St. Paul JCC Aquatic Center, I would be a fish out of water.
  • ~ I know that texting with my friends can be addictive.
  • ~ I am a Twins, Target Field, fan who also loves to be in a St. Paul Chamber Orchestra audience at the Ordway.
  • ~ My own academic success began when Lucy Katz, the family Dandie Dinmont Terrier, kept me company during all those hours of high school homework.

Pink's Professional Experience

Pink now assists in my home office in St. Paul. Pink is the solo representative of her Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed in the Twin Cities. She oversees my work from her plush dog bed and puts in a bark or two of advice while I am talking to clients. For students who like a calm dog presence, Pink will check out but not eat their homework.

Fun Facts About Pink
~ Pink likes to check out squirrels along the Highland Park side of the Mississippi.
~ She helps me sniff out the very best mystery novels in dog friendly bookstores.
~ Sitting in my lap while I watch Twin Cities Public Television is one of her favorite pastimes.