Deborah Katz


Doing homework away from home can provide a refreshing change.

I live and work in the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul. This is a easy to reach location that is 15 minutes from South Minneapolis and Edina via the Ford Parkway Bridge, 15 minutes from Egan, 20 minutes from Woodbury and within easy access of other areas of the Twin Cities Metro as well.

I meet students and families in a conference room where there are multiple computers and windows with a lovely view of the dog and foot traffic in this scenic area right across from the Mississippi.

In addition there is a lounge area where, for students who don't drive, parents and other siblings can hang out very comfortably if they aren't out and about doing errands in the surrounding area.

I always have student specific kinds of beverages and snacks! And Pink is there for dog loving students.

How much I work with each student is individualized. Usually we begin by meeting once or sometimes twice a week for these different purposes:

~ Ongoing high school support for part or all of a school year.

~ A series of sessions targeted for a specific project.

~ Sessions just to work on progress monitoring.

~ Refresher sessions for students who have already worked with me.