I partner with parents as a consultant advocate for students who are braving mental health challenges. At those times, I represent the role of student happiness in high school learning.

When a student is overwhelmed, afraid, and unsure of themselves, their grades often don't represent them well. Pressure increases for them when teachers and parents are not happy because they are not working enough. There is an individualized balance between preventing underachievement and realistically adjusting expectations. The best way forward draws out the creative and caring talents of the school, the best efforts of the student and the affiliation of the family.

I facilitate empowering conversation about what will work in a very particular situation to create specific engagement and success for students and their school educators. Different kinds of support services can wrap around a depressed or anxious adolescent buoying them up, making them feel better and building school success.

The purpose of my consulting work is to free up parents to have much more time with their adolescent for all those fun and irreplaceable moments of family life.

My role involves fostering communication that helps students to become their own best advocates for what they need to feel good about their work. High school is an adolescent's own "work place". They enter into higher level thinking and learn to develop viable arguments. They evaluate the authenticity of web-based information. They work with numerical and written ideas and begin some of their own research activities. School success for adolescents means growing skillful and being resourceful, reflective thinkers and doers.